Quality jobs, with top technology with all the security systems for a perfect twisted knotless, we make 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 48 ropes from 0.4 mm to 30mm and twisted in 3 and 4 ropes from 6mm to 100mm, we have a wide variety of colors manufactured with the best brands
We offer a solid service and customized to our clients that meets to their requirements with solutions more and more versatile every day, Trenzados García Ballester offer customized solutions including 4 Coil formats up to 35kg, feels from 400cc (polyester 300grs ) to85000cc (60kg polyester), freefall cartons or returnable plastic containers, rolls or reels twisted ropes up to 30mm.
Our installations have more than 4000 square meters surface divided into four factories equipped with the latest technology in equipment to deliver a flawless final product, we have stock for immediate manufacturing, free shipping costs from 250kg.
Multiple applications in sectors such as shipbuilding, agriculture, construction and bazaar.
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